In this Article Data about the Muslim Population in Districts of Andhra Pradesh is given in Table Format. Demographics, Percentage & Key Insights about Muslim Population also Provided.

District Name Total Population Muslim Population Muslim Percentage
Srikakulam 2703114 9025 0.33
Vizianagaram 2344474 16423 0.70
Visakhapatnam 4290589 86330 2.01
East Godavari 5154296 77777 1.51
West Godavari 3936966 86142 2.19
Krishna 4517398 307043 6.80
Guntur 4887813 559770 11.45
Prakasam 3397448 220654 6.49
Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore 2963557 288378 9.73
Y.S.R. 2882469 454108 15.75
Kurnool 4053463 670737 16.55
Anantapur 4081148 443456 10.87
Chittoor 4174064 397870 9.53

Andhra Pradesh is an important South Indian State and its New Capital Amaravathi is one of the important city of Region.

After Bifurcation of State and Forming of New State Called Telangana Capital of United Andhra and One of The Most Important City Hyderabad was given to Telangana.

The Latest Census 2011 Data which is Published in 2015 tells that Andhra Pradesh has 36.17 Lakh Muslim Residents.

The Exact figure of Muslim Population in Andhra Pradesh is 36,17,713 Out of Total Population of 4,93,86,799.

Muslim Constitutes 7.33% of State Population.

Percentages of Muslim in the State is lower than National Average 14.2% of Muslims in India.

Out of Total Muslim Population 0f 17,22,45,158 in India Andhra Pradesh has 36,17,713 Muslim Population. Which is 2.10% of Total Indian Muslims.

Out of the 13 Districts of the State None have Muslim Majority.

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