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Muslim Population in Districts of Delhi

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In this Article Data about the Muslim Population in Districts Of Delhi is given In Table Format. Demographics, Percentage & Key Insights About Muslim Population also Provided.

District Name Total Population Muslim Population Muslim Percentage
North Delhi 1535911 197389 12.85
North West Delhi 2250816 154810 6.88
North East Delhi 1378779 463747 33.63
Shahdara 1110751 204569 18.42
East Delhi 1461440 168076 11.50
Central Delhi 1340110 253201 18.89
West Delhi 2543243 149807 5.89
South West Delhi 1365152 62957 4.61
New Delhi 1069810 58214 5.44
South Delhi 1231293 152348 12.37
South East Delhi 1500636 293566 19.56

Delhi is an important North Indian State and its Capital New Delhi is one of the important & Capital city of India.

The Latest Census 2011 Data which is Published in 2015 tells that State has 21.58 Lakh Muslim Residents.

The Exact figure of Muslim Population in Delhi is 21,58,684 Out of Total Population of 1,67,87,941.

Muslim Constitutes 12.86% of State Population.

Percentages of Muslim in the State is Identical to National Average 14.2% of Muslims in India.

Out of Total Muslim Population 0f 17,22,45,158 in India Delhi has 21,58,684 Muslim Population. Which is 1.25% of Total Indian Muslims.

Out of the 11 Districts of the State None have Muslim Majority.

In This Article Data About the Muslim Population in Districts of Delhi is Published. To See the Data of Muslim Population in Town/Cities/Tahsil of Delhi Visit the Link

All the Data Published on this Page is Collected From Official Website of http://www.censusindia.gov.in

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