In this Article Data about the Muslim Population in Major Cities Of Jharkhand is given In Table Format. Demographics, Percentage & Key Insights About Muslim Population also Provided.

City Name Total Population Muslim Population Muslim Percentage
Dhanbad 1162472 198825 17.10
Ranchi 1073427 176239 16.42
Jamshedpur 677350 47053 6.95
Bokaro Steel City 414820 46992 11.33
Mango 223805 91418 40.85
Deoghar 203123 10084 4.96
Adityapur 174355 3357 1.93
Hazaribag 142489 28352 19.90
Chas 141640 24895 17.58
Giridih 114533 34716 30.31

Jharkhand is an important Northern Indian State. And its Capital Ranchi is one of the important City in India

The Latest Census 2011 Data which is Published in 2015 tells that State has 47.94 Lakh Muslim Residents.

The Exact figure of Muslim Population in Jharkhand is 47,93,994 Out of Total Population of 3,29,88,134.

Muslim Constitutes 14.53% of State Population.

Percentages of Muslim in the State is Identical to National Average 14.2% of Muslims in India.

Out of Total Muslim Population of 17,22,45,158 in India Jharkhand has 47,93,994 Muslim Population. Which is 2.78% of Total Indian Muslims.

Out of the 10 Major Cities of the State None have Muslim Majority.

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